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Lion Black And White Pictures For Desktop Wallpaper 2048 x 2048 px MB black and white angry wolf roar

Spirit Lion by Rudi_Hulshof via http://ift.tt/1U7EoPa

Having a bit of fun with Photoshop this evening and came up with this interpretation I decided to call - Spirit Lion. This Lion recently died after struggling for more than a year with a hip problem. He was a real fighter and gave his all to the very end.

A lions strength comes from his pride. His pride surrounds him, but does not pierce the flesh.

dbffbadce7923fcba8c6b505d797a07b.jpg (564×808)

dbffbadce7923fcba8c6b505d797a07b.jpg (564×808)

lion eyes - Google Search

(milkmaid photography) taken in this manner ~ a little full featured ~ a little full mane wise ~ similar classic appearance ~ golden ~ a little dark ~ very balanced ~ subtly dynamic ~ classic ~ timeless ~ subtly highly artistic ~ 🍫 (°

Canine v Feline Face Anat Tut. by ~Daesiy on deviantART

Canine (Wolf) v Feline (Mountain Lion) Face Anat Tut. by ~Daesiy on deviantART canine vs feline dog vs cat tutorial reference