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I've always found oriental style imagery interesting, and here's a new design from me incorporating some of these elements.

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Death Becomes Her by Amy Dowell Tattoo Art Print Geisha Girl Japanese Style in Art, Art from Dealers & Resellers, Prints

Death Becomes Her Art Print by Artist Amy Dowell

Death Becomes Her Art Print by Artist Amy Dowell

Death Becomes Her by Amy Dowell Geisha Skeleton Tattoo Portrait Canvas Art Print


Japanese Doll ( Approved ) Beserk Clothing Finally got the approval to post this here did this last month, available soon at i also design cutesy stuff you know!

Oohh I would like something like this but with Sarah from the labyrinth and one of the masquerade masks over her face in the same manner

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Las imagenes de mi PC Ahora

Painting Process The 18 x 36 clayboard was painted with mossy green and muted yellow acrylics, aged to create cracks and crevasses, and then slightly detailed with light touches of red enamel for cont