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Make this with cottage facades!

Půlkruhový domek se zahrádkou

Půlkruhový domek se zahrádkou

Two lodges custom ceramic flower pots - houses, with a hole and a tray of water.  White and red glaze, engobe, inside spilled transparent.  Diameter pots 15 cm, height 20 cm upper, lower 18 cm.  Price per piece.  Sending a fragile .:


Little house ceramic planters


Could slab build for garden to sit partially hidden in the borders

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Little houses bowl

Construction idea - use flower motif instead

famous scenes/buildings/businesses in local towns

Ceramics by Sarah Vernon

Ceramics by Sarah Vernon . Sailing Ships on the Sea

Resultat d'imatges de getöpferte figuren mit kerzen

Resultat d'imatges de getöpferte figuren mit kerzen


Garden Fairy Houses - Pick Your Set of 3 - Houses or Tree - Handmade on Potters Wheel - Houses are Drying - Ready Soon - Made to Order


Helen Martino, unique little sculpture

Knetbeton ist Bastelbeton

Knetbeton ist Bastelbeton

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d17a8f14c38ff8223f181108bd06ad4a.jpg 576×768 pixels

Jumbo Utensil Holder - Aqua Mist - Flower Pot - Kitchen Decor - Hand Thrown Vase - Modern Home Decor - READY TO SHIP by BackBayPottery on Etsy

Jumbo Utensil Holder Aqua Mist Flower Pot by BackBayPottery

Cutlery drainer utensil jar toothbrush holder hand thrown pottery

Cutlery drainer toothbrush holder utensil jar handmade terracotta ceramic pottery

Love this idea Tricia.

One handmade utensil holder or vase. made of white porcelain clay and glazed with your choice of glaze as seen in the color palette photo and drop down menu. This works well for a vase or it be used to hold tall things like kitchen utensils, knitting needles or tall art supplies. marked with vitrifiedstudio symbol impression on the underside.  approximate size- 5 diameter x 5.5 height (small wide) 4.25 diameter x 6.25 height (medium) 4.25 diameter x 7 height (large)  Please note these are…

One porcelain utensil holder in your choice of glaze color. Modern kitchen utensil holder handmade by vitrifiedstudio

utensil holder - cylinder shaped white porcelain clay and grey glaze - modern minimal utilitarian pottery by vitrifiedstudio

Ceramics curated by GSH Interior Design on Etsy

kitchen utensil holder- sand stoneware w/ grey glaze - modern minimal utilitarian ceramics vitrified studio