sugar skull - dia de los muertos

My next tat will be similar to this! I'm getting it on one of my calves but haven't decided which yet!: Browse through over high quality unique tattoo designs from the world's best tattoo artists!

flower tattoo around an anchor - Google Search

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Sailor jerry style, cute dont like the mum in it though.

Inspiration for next tattoo. Anchor tattoo with G-ma on my ankle but not such bright colors. She was the anchor in our family.

Skull And Anchor ♥

I love love love this anchor ♥ I want my script to wrap it how the chain does and minus the skull. now who wants to draw it up for me?

Las anclas representan la firmeza y la fuerza para no dejar que nada te haga perder la estabilidad. ¿Un buen símbolo para llevarlo tatuado en la piel, verdad...

¡Ar, marinera! 60 tatuajes de anclas para sacar tu lado más marítimo

Inspiration for my tattoo

to ] Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.anchor tattoo, my sister is thinking of getting a anchor on her foot, at first I didn't like the idea but now I've seen it I'm thinking , maybe it will look nice!