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Fascinating Facts About Death Note! | Anime/manga: Death Note [L. Lawliet / Raito (Light) Yagami / Ryuk / Near / Mello]

Fascinating Facts About Death Note!

Death Note is about... by Tenshi-no-Hikari on DeviantArt

death note, yep that about covers it

L and cake.

Yeah, cakes are people too!

True very true......all the time "L" is right ...he was nvr wrong....till the very end ....evn ven they were friends no matter vat light did.....

Death Note just explain aliens guy

#推しキャラにアイスのコーンを持たせてRTされた数だけアイスをどんどん積み上げていく by nageru

Oh my gosh

But that's not like him at all! He even cleans the house of is victims spot for spot!

He even cleans the house of is victims spot for spot!<< the fact the L is crying I can't.

death note- L and yagami light (yagami = imgay) :P

L, Light/Kira, Death note


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That's EXACTLY what I think of XD Ryuk

And then portal fans think of wheatly.

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Who needs 37 episodes?


Death Note Fugly Failure - L Lawliet, Light Yagami

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The last one reminds me about how the Netflix Death Note movie is going to be.

XD omg....

XD omg....

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"She better lays on the floor dead when I get home"