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Near or far

Sometimes you just need to let people wonder off on their own for a little bit, if they are meant to be in your life they will find their way back.so I guess you're meant to be in my life.

Always depend on yourself, never on others..

Wisdom Quotes : David always tells me this same sentiment but in Persian; I wish I could write i…

I Love Football!!

Real Women Watch Football AND understand it because they ask their husband questions and they patiently answer while they're trying to watch the game :) One thing I fell in love with my husband over


and that's pretty much everyone you meet. Talk with people who make you see the world differently - Life Quotes

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Don't judge me without asking me why I did something, either. You may be surprised to find out the reason.

We all need words of inspiration from time to time.

We all need words of inspiration from time to time (25 Photos)

it's meaningless to say you're meant to be where you end up. It's arbitrarily renaming that 'where you're meant to be'. I don't believe anyone is meant to be anywhere. You are where you are, and end up where you end up.