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... Os dias se vão como cavalos sobre a colina.    ¬U2¬

Beautiful photograph of horses by Mikel Ortega on Bianditz mountain in Navarre, Spain. In the background you can see Aiako mountains landscapes.

Amazing Horses Photos

Amazing Horses Photos by Wojtek Kwiatkowski

Breathtaking Arabians Breeding Horse Photography by Wojtek Kwiatkowski. From the magical photos of Arabian and Andalusian horses of Wojtek Kwiatkowski lite

Nothing at all

one of my old horses would come galloping to the gate to meet me when i called his name.

One day I will have my own George...

Side by side in the country side

Um cavalo islandês próximo de Krýsuvík, na península de Reykjanes, no sudoeste da Islândia.  Fotografia: Andreas Tille.

The Yakutian horse is a rare native horse breed from the Sakha Republic in Russia. The origins of the Yakutian horse are still uncertain, but researchers believe that it is probably one of the oldest.

Pugs are definitely a lot of dog in a small space!

Incredible Wildlife Photography Stunning pictures of animals are often captured in high-speed. You can practically smell the dirt and feel dust in your eyes when you consider this image of two greyhounds closing in on their target.