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Take a Leap - Hugfia [01] by OctiOli on DeviantArt

Throw your doubts away and take a leap today! Princess Sofia & Prince Hugo (c) Sofia the First/Disney Take a Leap - Hugfia

hamada home life by Cheppoly.deviantart.com on @deviantART

*cries loud enough for the entire earth to hear* hamada home life by Cheppoly on deviantART Big Hero 6

MLP- 3rd Season Episodic Illustrations by Sapphire1010 on DeviantArt

The first episodic illustrations compilation for Season It has been ages since I last updated my DA.OTL MLP:FiM (C) Hasbro MLP- Season Episodic Illustrations

Hmmmm.. by TurningTides on DeviantArt

Phin and Isabella are in this pic meaning puberty is upon them. I always had this little headcanon that when puberty strikes Phineas his voice goes crazy. High notes to low notes, crack.