Ok, that is a ridiculously good pic of Niall. Good golly boy!! And people don't think he's attractive...are they BLIND?!?

Not a 1 direction fan. But, that is a ridiculously good pic of Niall. And people don't think he's attractive.are they BLIND?


Imagine Pap: "where are you going, Niall?" Niall: " Pick y/n up. We're going to have a candle light dinner.

He's such a cutie

The iCarly cast said that Niall’s laugh is annoying… Awkward moment when Niall’s laugh is funnier than the actual show.<<<<< I hate Icarly because of that! His laugh is so adorable! I ❤️ niall!

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pretty much

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:) perfection Even the younger Niall with the crocked teeth thats the Niall i…