Skeleton, Dead Man on ArtStation at

illustrations by Dead Man Storm Commandos Guardian Sentry Adept Engineer Skeleton Bandit

— by Dead Man

Guardian, Dead Man on ArtStation at…


cyberclays: sketch robot - by Petr Morozoff

Bandit, Dead Man on ArtStation at

Bandit, Dead Man on ArtStation at…

scifi-fantasy-horror: “ by Dieselburns ”

simple study by dieselburns


ArtStation - The biochemical soldier, mo xuan zhangMore Characters here.

Noisy Pics

here it's a character that I developed this week! I tried to develop a character that could fit in a MOBA or something.

Inktober Day 26 (OSPAR Experimental) by on @DeviantArt

A Karic special forces operator equipped with cutting-edge gear straight from the OSPAR (Office of Special Projects And Resources) labs.


DSD-015Ex 月御雷-Tsukimikazuchi


tyrant - Buscar con Google

Excellent art of Tyrant

Мои закладки

Wallpapers and Artworks — Creative Illustrations by Reynan Sanchez

GhostMorph_BenNewman.png (247×479)

GhostMorph_BenNewman.png (247×479)


Random studies of painting and light using robots and mechs as theme

Ghost In The Shell

Ghost In The Shell

Daniel Priato

Emotionally-Aware Robots May Soon Be Caring for Grandma and Grandpa -

Soul Sacrifice - Sortiara

Soul Sacrifice art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.