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Product Information - Product Type: Clicker - Gauge Size: 16 Gauge - Piercing Dimensions: - Clicker Segment Length: Swarovski Crystal Clicker Daith Rook Septum Silve

Black Lace Pattern Septum Clicker

Black Lace Pattern Septum Clicker

Black Lace Pattern Septum Clicker Stainless Steel Clear CZ in Jewelry & Watches, Fashion Jewelry, Body Jewelry, Body Piercing Jewelry

Unicorn Blood – Jeffree Star Cosmetics - this color is so gorgeous on me! Dresses up lots of different outfits

The Kylie Lip Kit & Metal Dupes Cheat Sheet proved to be a massive hit. So when I was umm-ing and ahh-ing about my next helpful post I .

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marilynmenascott: I did not pierce Steph’s philtrum or vertical lip, but I still wanted to get a shot of this gorgeous new Opal Crown she just received from the Wizards at It’s freaking GORGEOUS! (at HTC Body Piercing - Uptown)

This is cute

Love the horizontal navel piercing! Think I'll be doing this when I go to get my traditional navel piercing re-done!

Piercings primaverales! - Septum  étnico + labrets

“An entry for V-day lip contest. ❤️ This one is simple, gonna try to also make smth more creative.