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Waffles the dog. He's a derpy Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Puttin the corg in corgi.

40 things that make Corgis happy. My corgis love many of these things, especially: roadtrips, getting hugs, giving hugs, eating PB out of the jar, dressing up, and running through freshly cut grass

40 Things That Make Corgis Happy

Funny pictures about Special delivery. Oh, and cool pics about Special delivery. Also, Special delivery photos.

You wanna teach me how to dougie

The only thing cuter than a corgi is a corgi puppy. I want this puppy.when I agree to get a puppy!

OMG too many corigs!

OCD: Obsessive Corgi Disorder, i see your thousands of corgis and ante up.

Lol cute

funny-little-corgi-dog-fluffy-butt. fluffy butt is what I call my corgi

This is exactly the way Keiki used to sit when we'd watch Starsky and Hutch together when I was little. Thanks for the memory!

I am pretty sure I will freak out our Corgi when I just watch her sleep. The way Corgi's sleep is just too much and too much cuteness.

baby cogi.. NEEEED wannntttt

108 Reasons Why Corgis Really Are That Great

Corgi puppy is so happy! I want a Welsh Corgi so bad (:

What an adorable little Corgi! It's so fluffy, I could die!!!

fluffy corgi puppy is the cure for the mondays--SO cute. had no clue they were this cute as puppies.

The Great Corgi Vacuuming - The 40 Cutest GIFs In The History Of The Internet - Corbin! (I have probably pinned this before)

Corbs the Corgi loves being vacuumed. Gif Bin is your daily source for funny gifs, reaction gifs and funny animated pictures! Large collection of the best gifs.

Corgi naps.

I know not a doxie but a corgie ! My old dachshunds best friend was a neighbor corgie.

So cute :)

Pembroke Welsh Corgi originated from South West Wales. It is believed that the ancestors of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi were brought into W.

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A Corgi Named: 'Oliver' says: "I utterly disapprove of that proposal! I suggest you immediately put it into the garbage disposal!" (Written By: © Lynn Chateau.