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Dominique Swain ~ "You look better when i can't see you" Lolita, 1997

je vais finir par l'oublier

"I have what they call an unattractive face" - Serge Gainsbourg in his unknown film.

― Before We Go (2014) Harry: You can’t allow the people you love to determine how you love.

I have loved extremely awful people, but they never stopped me from being someone who was a good thing. I could let what they do make me cold, but they simply got to be loved by me, they didn't get the chance to change how I love.

...of broken hearts

Did you know that 35 people try to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge each year? Most because of broken hearts ~ Definitely Maybe

uhm, I'm pretty sure he does Audrey Hepburn.

"He doesnt even know I exist", a quote from Sabrina. I love Audrey Hepburn in the original Sabrina movie.