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so if you guys want me to make a separate sebastian stan board let me know - visit to grab an unforgettable cool Super Hero T-Shirt!

" Bee asked, stopping mid sentence. "I'm just listening." She assumed it wasn't her, that maybe he was bored. "Your voice." He told her, so softly it took her breath away.

Not everyone can make this face and still be so damn adorable

Steve: “Bucky what are you doing with my phone?” Bucky: “Nothing… just taking some selfie.

Sebastian Stan

sebastiansource: “ smolbeanseb: So I didn’t get to make it to comic con this year but a friend of mine asked Seb to do this for me and it really means a lot because my life has been a little crappy.

I could look at this for hours. Beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure<-----This Comment. Beautiful Cinnimon Roll. XD

Beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure

sebastian stan|LOFTER(乐乎) - 记录生活,发现同好

“sebastian stan: a good man, a good jaw. actual dork I want to kick him.

Sebastian ⭐️ Stan and his muscles

Seb is a menace- it has to be illegal to be that damn attractive!