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There is an order to the world, even for the chaotic creatures of dreams. Reggie, for all that he may protest otherwise, must pay up the chain (in currencies esoteric and dire) to stronger monsters.

Sweet Home Chicago 2044 by on @DeviantArt

Sweet Home Chicago 2044 by TheEnderling Neo-Noir Cyberpunk

Forever Undead

Seriously dark cover art for a seriously dark weird west story - Shotgun Arcana. Art by Raymond Swanland

Vax if he was tiefling ;)

m Tiefling Warlock Cloak portrait undercity urban City sewers underdark Clauneck - Demon of Treasures & Riches (Original pin: Albino tiefling Vax


Illustration inspiration

Illustration/Painting/Drawing inspiration this is rather creepy but kind of cool too gothic art at large.

soufilhadeumbanda: “ Laroyê Exú, Exú Amojubá Eu perguntei a ele o que é Exú ele vem me falar Exú é caminho, é energia, é vida, é determinação, é cumpridor da Lei, Exú é esperto, Exú é guardião, Exú é trabalho, é alegria veloz, Exú é viver, é a magia,...

teaser for new top cow comic by nebezial - Digital Art by Stjepan Sejic

A demon catches a fairy attempting to sneak some sugar from their establishment, and eventually they become friends.

Face Off by *ChristianNauck on deviantART


A personal illustration just for the fun of drawing a Tiefling, hope you like!

m Tiefling Ranger Leather Rapier Sword Pistol Glove urban City river coastal docks Drawing all day every day.



Festive Fiend Ebenezer (Reg) by Wisnu Tan on ArtStation for Legend of the Cryptids | demons

Festive Fiend Ebenezer (Reg) by Wisnu Tan on ArtStation for Legend of the Cryptids

9a061cb9b1bcc4646f50f35866b723d25d6d2927_hq.jpg (458×681)

Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded Art (Duel Decks)

#fantasymen #dhampir #ranger

quarkmaster: “ Beckett Fanart from vampire: the masquerade carmen cornet ”

ArtStation - Crusader Character Concept, Juni Frio

m Fighter Eldrich Knight Armored mage

Fire Priest - I realized that a lot of the fantasy illustrations I'm pinning, especially of magic, feature fire. That's probably because it's a very familiar destructive force, something that's very primal in our nature. We realize its potential to be harnessed as well as abused.

rare: male orc sorcerer or wizard, spellcaster, no armor, casting some fire spell, maybe just a ray of fire.

Mummy, Jayjiwoo Park on ArtStation at

ArtStation - Mummy, Jayjiwoo Park Chara design of the month