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Three forward helix piercings <3

Sorry for the GV and Iodine that got left behind, but this is a little too cool to not post. Three forward helix piercings by Victor VanOrden at Olde Line Tattoo in Hagerstown, MD. Jewelry by NeoMetal Opal, and Opals) my next piercing

Using the right style of jewelry for surface piercings such as hip and collar bone.

degree Titanium or Surgical Steel Barbells for surface piercings, anything else leads to rejection, infection, or heals wrong.

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15 Fab Ear Piercings to Get Right Now

Diferentes orejas

I really like some of these piercing ideas (Guy at my local shop told me a triple helix will eventually turn bad with the middle hole being by the fold in your ear, but the first one here has her piercing above it. Hmm :) these are cute)

Need this forward helix piercing!

Single, double and triple forward helix piercing information guide on pain, price, healing and aftercare with examples of Forward Helix Piercing jewellery.