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strifin' striders

gif homestuck Dave Strider myart bro strider bro stridercest Dirk Strider what they always and fun.

i ship all these expect erisol.. im sorry but its a crack ship to me

i ship all these expect erisol. im sorry but its a crack ship to me<---- oh my gog dead my life is johnkat

hero of sweethearts by Socks-and-Notebooks.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt....this is the cutest friggin thing

I don't ship Nepeta and Karkat, but this is adorable ( also Equis's said Soulmate so.

I fricking cried im a mess ^ This pin is emotionally powerful af

[Image] Homestuck <--- Oh goodness. this is inspiring me and making me cry at the same time.<<<I will say this if I ever participate in a Speech Festival of something {Thyme

i was not expecting that... gosh, that threw me off. :) haha gamkar i loves them

I would love to be moirails with him he would be like my bro and we would do all of the cool miracles. I'd love for Gamzee to be my moirail!

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Okay can we all agree on how cute Davesprite is ^.^ I don't ship Pepsi cola though but davesprite was way to cute