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Pokemon Go Comic - Spark Awakens by yuuike on DeviantArt

On iOS Android: Stock up on coins with these methods* helping you understand every current strategy for earning coins and which direction is best for you :cake:

So true, I was so confused why that happened.

*Learns about Lillie and Gladion's dark pasts; Aether Foundation is evil; Lusamine and Guzma get sucked into a fucking portal; Nebby nearly dies* Avatar: THIS IS FINE

pokemon, N, natural harmonia gropius, touya

Finally, a story of N and Hilbert/Touya that doesn't end with me wanting to set myself on fire.

Gardevoir evolutionary line trought the time <3

That's What You Get for Training a Naughty Gardevoir ಠ_ಠ Does it happen to know nasty Plot?

Pikachu is Making Me Feel Incredibly Uncomfortable

Pikachu: "Good luck getting away with what I just did you'll never get with him he's too oblivious" Serena: "What the actual heck Pikachu why would you mess with my dreams" Ash: "man I sure like Pokemon"