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Concept Art for CAPTAIN AMERICA's New Suit in THE WINTER SOLDIER - News - GeekTyrant

Movies: Cap’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, costume could wind up being really reminiscent of his Steve Rogers S.

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I cant belive that its over few months ago i couldnt wait and now its all ended

We still have a ways to go before Captain America: Civil War hits the big screen, but that isn’t stopping fans from creating really cool fan art. This one comes from artist Jean Pierre Llanos Garcia, and as you can see, Tony Stark has the upper hand in th

Captain America 2: Winter Soldier poster, where Marvel finally poses a male character in the Butt Pose (looking-over-my-shoulder-so-you-can-get-the-full-effect-of-my-figure). The Winter Soldier is working it.

Captain America 2 unveils new poster

Captain America The Winter Soldier Clip, Poster. Anthony Russo, Joe Russo's Captain America: The Winter Soldier 4 minute movie clip, movie poster.

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Captain America by Tim Brown

So, I'm really excited for the new Captain America movie, and I love the suit that he's wearing in the second movie. Drawn by: Colord by: Captain America Mar.

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Love how his face changes. Like, you flirt with my Tasha and I don't care how nice everyone thinks I am, I'll kill ya.

Cap will be agent nomad.

petite-madame: “ Steve Rogers (Infinity War) - 2017 My take on Steve in Infinity War. Of course, it’s not the exact suit because the only reference pictures I had were a couple of concept art posted by Ryan Meinerding and poor quality screenshots.

I saw this film on friday and it's one of the best marvel films, I love the new spiderman and black panther they are really good charcters - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!