Otros lugares para pasar la Nochebuena...

Decaying Victorian in Kenedy, Texas circa

Old Farm House by James R Allen

old farm house

I normally don't pin any abandoned places indicating children.  But this one especially grabs me due to the framed portrait of them. I always wonder why they left, what happened, etc. and when there are children involved, it brings more fright.  Hopefully these little ones grew happily to a ripe old age.

Abandoned manor house, England This place has been abandoned for decades and is so beautifully intact. It’s like someone just walked out and never came back… Unfortunate for the dead bird stuck in the pram :/

A beautiful home in its day...

Mudhouse Mansion is an abandoned house located in Fairfield County, just east of Lancaster, Ohio. Interesting story to this one. Folklore has it that there was a mass murder in this house.


An old and abandoned hotel in the center of Odessa, Texas. Whomever pinned this obviously has never been to Odessa Tx! Hotel may be in Odessa, Russia!

Abandoned train.

YSE northbound Mill Rock by John Leopard

If houses could talk..I would quietly sit and listen to all their stories...

Would make an amazing project lol Old farm houses…

Goin to the Chapel... and we're gonna get married

I don't know why abandoned churches fascinate me. Perhaps it's the architecture, or tecture, or wondering what special things went on there 'in the day.' [The Untold Stories of Abandoned Houses – Photography Showcase]

Abandoned home, Russia. A bit of TLC and this house would be beautiful.

If you can get passed the spooky emotions attached to abandoned property you might just discover something beautiful. Often abandoned properties have incredibly detailed and stunning architecture commonly not found .

left behind

250 year old farm house in Norwegian forest.

Abandoned murder house in Illinois.  Like this kinda stuff? If so follow Forgottenruins on Facebook.

Psycho House - I thought this looked like a house to pin with other abandoned houses only to discover it's a movie set (no interior)! It's been used in all 3 Psycho movies (here mid It's now falling into disrepair.

1813 - Steamboat Gothic Doorway Photo by Christopher Busta-Peck

Abandoned house in Milwaukee. Someone just left this beautiful house. Why?? Micoley's picks for #AbandonedProperties www.Micoley.com

Abandoned house in Milwaukee. Someone just left this beautiful house. Why can I find one of these to take over and call my forever house

Western North Carolina

Abandoned older home in Glen Alpine, Western North Carolina. What a dream home, just gotta give it a little dusting.


Abandoned castle in Ireland by Janis Hanson