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#wattpad #fanfic Jin era " normal " ... asta que lo conocio a el , su peor pesadilla pero a la vez su mejor sueño ... - Eres mio - Susurro una voz escalofriante a sus espaldas - Solo mio Si piensas que las historias de lobos y vampiros son ficticias te recomiendo que lo pienses dos veces ... > Chicoxchico > Es...

Kim SeokJin es mio !! ... > NamJin

When you see you are broke and you can't swim and you have no way to reach Korea

When you get a bad grade on a test that took you forever to study for.

2017년 12월 26일 PM 9:00(KST) RUN BTS! 2017 - Epi.33 @ V LIVE BTS Channel

These two were awful at this game and I loved every second of it

Ele não precisa de uma namorada,ele tmb pode ficar com o cara que eu shippo ele KE   Ou se não quiser pode ficar comigo

Burst with excitement!

he would get a girlfriend even before he hit puberty.

I litteraly couldn't stop laughing and my face turned red when he said that our taetae is so precious

When my parents tell me I should get a boyfriend(like excuse me I’m a 15 year old small child)《 Same Tho, But I'm Not

174 curtidas, 3 comentários - apenas armys (@btsiludidos) no Instagram: “Peguei la no @army.bts.s2 ~ #toptucaba”

174 curtidas, 3 comentários - apenas armys (@btsiludidos) no Instagram: “Peguei la no @army.bts.s2 ~ #toptucaba”

[BTS meme] BTS Fandom meme : le'jin'dary | oh yes, do it! Lol | Just meme, laugh and don't take it seriously.

XD every time when I want to use legendary , i'll say le"Jin"dary instead XD