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Caden to Rainiero

Horatio to Hamlet

i really do

Harvey: Kitaro: oh I Love you too Beau: can you idk not do this in the gc

You are amazing btw xxx



klance; you're the reason i wake up every morning

Azrael in a relationship basically

26 People Who Have This Whole Friendship Thing Figured Out

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just send me a paragraph like this when I'm sleeping. I promise you I will smile ~ c.y. <3

miyra and draven

blue-> yoongi, gray-> taehyung

blue-> yoongi, gray-> taehyung

Caitlyn : Photo

Scott & Deloris Also Stiles & Jada

~αи∂ ι мιѕѕ уσυ мσяє тнαи αиутнιng ιи тнιѕ ωσяℓ∂~

Superlative superfluity and sardonic, no.

I am sorry for being me, that’s something I should apologize for.

I am sorry for being me, that’s something I should apologize for.

talr/ GU wanna Cei' TUE OVER and eat what my mom made? Is it smooth? Inquiring minds want to know funny Junk fail WTF lol

(Hamilton deadass said this to laurens but with flowery language this was the main message) (In short Laurens I am disgusted with every thing in this world but yourself and very few more honest fellows and I have no other wish than to make a brilliant exit." - translation: i wanna die but i love you")

and i hate my life even

This sounds like something I would do

Suzumeda x Shirofuku

Decay. Demonic.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

More (Sad Beauty Art)

I operate better in the dark.

I never wanted to play with demons but then life happened and I ended up dancing among them and they feared me.