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Jeep. Dream car. The pink is pretty cool too :)

Barbie jeep for big girls. I WANT ONE! (except I want it tricked out for off roading adventures with big tires, a wench, etc)

pink jeep wrangler

a girlie girls dream jeep! Someone's dream car - a pink Jeep Wrangler!

Too Far

Pink car interior-- OMG I want that steering wheel! Whole lot of pink. Next car maybe.

PINK Ice Cream Truck.

Forget the Ice Cream Truck. Send me the Victoria's Secret Pink truck.

“@pretty_pink_jk #JeepHer #jeep”

Even though I've had a Jeep Wrangler & it was one of the shittiest drives ever, this is pretty sick.

Vintage Mercedes

vintage pink Mercedes, parked on a Parisian street. A pink car I would drive!

Barbie's Bentley

A pink Bentley, how does it sound to you? Quite interesting, now imagine a pink Bentley with diamond-encrusted dashboard and complete with PH logo, wow! The heiress Paris Hilton has ordered custom made diamond-encrusted dashboard for her pink Bentley dire

Pink Range Rover. Hot.

Range Rover Sport Pink - Girly Cars for Female Drivers! Love Pink Cars ♥ It's the dream car for every girl.


Somethin bout a a farmer's field." I usually dont like pink but I like that truck

pretty pink accessories

D rings wench hook fog lights and headlight covers

my fave combo: pink +

Pretty pink phone would love this for my kitchen! It was common to find the house phone in the kitchen in the