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The SOPB has access to experimental weaponry such as the Tesla Rifle, an electric arc generator of great destructive power. This paratrooper carries the lighter, portable version along with the protective goggles needed for its use.

SS-Scharführer of SS-Jagdverbande 502 equipped with combination. Waiting for & Langbogen& (Assault on the White House) debriefing.

Francuski piechur w szynelu i hełmie Adrian wz. 1915 oraz masce przeciw-gazowej M2, uzbrojony w ręczny karabin maszynowy Chauchat wz. 1915 i pistolet PA Ruby

Soldado francés cun una ametralladora 'Chauchat' by Marek Szyszko, pin…

WWI German Stormtrooper with MP18 machine gun. http://wrhstol.com/1Ootswe

Bergmann / Schmeisser submachine gun (Germany) Caliber Luger / Parabellum Weight kg empty Length (stock closed/open) 815 mm Barrel length 200 mm Rate of fire 450 rounds per minute Magazine capacity 32 or 20 rounds Effective range meters


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Peter Corlett, Man in the mud. For Australians, the horrific face of modern battle was first seen during the First World War. History and WWI

BBC Bitesize - What was it like in a World War One trench?

What was it like in a World War One trench?

Hace 99 veranos comenzaba la Primera Guerra Mundial (FOTOS)

Fotos de la Primera Guerra Mundial: 99 aniversario del verano de su comienzo (IMÁGENES)

An American soldier dressed for a gas attack during World War I, circa (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images). This preceded the US involvement.