Crowley, the monotony is getting to him. Don't worry, buddy, I feel that was too sometimes.

Soul Survivor [gifset] - "You're guilty of . Which I won't tolerate. Supernatural - our King inspires so much confidence here.


I just had a thought. You know how Dean tells Garth to essentially stop hunting because somebody has to tell the story? What if that's where Supernatural came from, Garth changing his name and making it into a tv show? < thats what i thought!


Brother's Keeper [gifset] - "Couldn't you call?" "You're not in my contacts list." - Crowley, Castiel, Supernatural - It's Cas. Not that hard. XD - Crowley looks so disappointed xD

Crowley's humanity is showing

[gifset] Crowley cares about his boys. << Crowley is that villain who's changed and become the weird, still slightly evil uncle who pretends to hate the boys but secretly has a deep affection for them.

I love how Crowley understands. How the King Of Hell is terrified of them, and he knows that he should be.

"The only reason Crowley has made it to season 8 is because he's the only being that has never underestimated the Winchesters" -- Supernatural XD "Denim-wrapped nightmares"


THIS is actually an interesting point. Apparently, Dean can describe Cas' features, but everyone else is strictly generalized by race, insult and/or height. <---Although to be fair, it's hard not to notice Cas' eyes :)

He isn't allowed to change vessels because I love Mark Sheppard too much

Uh you don't ever change him. He is part of the family. The vessel is. Ohana means family and family is never left behind << YOU FORGOT ADAM MMM