Sailor Saturn-Hotaru Tomoe

A nice view of Saturn's glaive. The glaive is a Western polearm, related to the scythe, the weapon of the Grim Reaper. Very appropriate for Sailor Saturn.

秋城 (@aksr9) | Twitter

秋城 (@aksr9) | Twitter

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Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury

Supreme Pluto by selinmarsou on deviantART

Supreme Pluto by selinmarsou i might employ this black and white splicing in my assessment task. Not sure of how much extra work that would mean though

Sailor Royalty: Princess Saturn (Happy Birthday!) by galia-and-kitty on DeviantArt

Sailor Royalty: Princess Saturn // FanArt by galia-and-kitty on DeviantArt // //

sailormoon character design | Sailor Moon Character Design Sheet I never noticed the amount of ...

Aino Minako Torn between cosplaying as Sailor Mercury or Sailor Venus. I loved Sailor Mercury as a kid, but now I like Sailor Venus more?