Coles Phillips - Good Housekeeping Magazine cover (July 1913) Fadeaway girl

Coles Phillips ‘Reading ‘Good Housekeeping July 1913 Clarence Coles Phillips - American artist and illustrator known for his signature use of negative space in his “fadeaway girls.

Woman sit on rail. Front view. - blends with background. Good Housekeeping - 1913 / Coles Phillips?

Good Housekeeping, June by Clarence Coles Philips./Housewife ready to throw herself off of the balcony because she's exhausted from cleaning all day, because she's a good housekeeper.

Vintage Magazine Cover by Coles Phillips - October 1916

Vintage Magazine Cover by Coles Phillips (raking leaves in high heels? This girl's got talent!

"Pot-Luck" ~ Life Magazine romance cover illustration by Warren Davis, October 1924

Coles Phillips : "Even the Daisies of the Field" aka "Dreams", cover art for Life Magazine, 1910

Easter Edition 1910 ~ Front Cover of Life Magazine . Illustration of Lady with a Pink & White Parasol entitled "Dreams" .

Vintage et cancrelats: Coles Phillips (1880 - 1927)

Coles Phillips (1880 - 1927)