Bloxham 15th century screen the gift of Cardinal Wolsey DSC_0003_01-247

century screen given by Cardinal Wolsey at the Bloxham Parish Church of Our Lady, Oxfordshire. "It was under Royal patronage until

The Nonsuch Panels

A series of painted canvas panels at Loseley Park in Surrey are generally accepted to have been commissioned for Henry VIII's magnificent Palace Nonsuch. The two panels (above), show Juno and Neptune.

Rim lock and key from a chest bearing the emblems of Henry VIII (early in the reign: 1509-1510)

This splendid rim lock for a chest bears the emblems of King Henry VIII of England and was made by a court locksmith. The royal emblems include the crown with two fleurs-de-lis flanking the cross of.

Chelsea Manor, for which the borough of Chelsea, London, is named, is a former royal residence acquired by Henry VIII of England in 1536. It was home to Elizabeth I of England, as Princess, between 1536 and 1548, and then to Anne of Cleves, who died there in 1557. Other famous owners included James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Hamilton, Charles Cheyne, 1st Viscount Newhaven, Sir Hans Sloane, the Bishops of Winchester.

Chelsea Manor, for which the borough of Chelsea, London, is named, is a former…

Jane Seymour Coat of Arms | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Coat of arms of Jane Seymour, third wife of Henry VIII. A woman's coat of arms were usually diamond shaped like this. The crown and Tudor roses show her royal status.

HEVER - Oratory Chapel Hidden in The Waldergrave Room   The Catholic Waldegrave family owned Hever Castle from 1557 until 1715. In 1584 the Oratory was added to this room, hidden behind panelling so Sir Edward could practice his faith in secret. Henry Waldegrave, married an illegitimate daughter of James II. When James fled to France in 1688, Henry followed him in support of the Jacobite Cause

The Oratory hidden in the Waldegrave Room at Hever Castle, a hidden gem. Home of Anne Boleyn.

Wulfhall from a postcard issued  1907;manor built on the site of Queen Jane Seymours home.Little of the original manor remains.Local folklore has it that the wedding took place in the barn although reliable sources place the event in London.It is probable that the King hosted a celebratory wedding feast@the barn;records show he visited the old house often.The barn survived into this century it burned down in the 1920s,it still had the hooks on which had hung the decorations

The family home of Jane Seymour.The Tudor manor house is buried under later…

Blickling Hall, Norfolk. The Long Gallery with an exceptional Jacobean ceiling. The books of the library came to Blickling as a collection in the 18th century

The Long Gallery with an exceptional Jacobean ceiling. The books of the library came to Blickling as a collection in the century ( I want that Imari bowl on the table!

Anne Boleyn's grave marker.  Chapel of St. Peter-ad-Vincular, Tower of London.

Anne Boleyn's grave marker in the Chapel of Saint Peter-ad-Vincula, Tower of London A place I've wanted to see for a long time, but wasn't able to get in last time

On the right of a fire-place in the Tower of London is an elaborate piece of carved graffiti concerning the five Dudley brothers: Ambrose (created Earl of Warwick 1561), Guildford (beheaded 1554), Robert (created Earl of Leicester 1563), and Henry (killed at the siege of St. Quintin, 1558), and John (called Earl of Warwick), who died in 1554. John is presumed to have been the carver.

Dudley Coat of Arms, Tower of London.The flowers around the family arms…

Excerpt from a letter written by Anne Boleyn to King Henry VIII., Late Summer 1526. The only 'love' letter of Anne's, to the King, that survives-'Sire,   It belongs only to the august mind of a great king, to whom Nature has given a heart full of generosity towards the sex, to repay by favors so extraordinary an artless and short conversation with a girl.' FOLLOW the link to read full letter...

Anne Boleyn: wife of Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth I. Beheaded by Henry on 19 May 1536