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New post on KNITFreedom! Short-Tail or Long-Tail? The Fundamental Difference Between Cast-Ons - explains how to choose the kind of cast-on you need http://knitfreedom.com/knitting-basics/short-tail-or-long-tail-cast-ons

All the cast-ons in the world can be divided into two categories: short-tail cast-ons and long-tail cast-ons. In a long-tail cast-on, two strands of yarn are used: the working yarn and a long piece of tail yarn. You can ONLY … Continue reading →

Beginner Basics: Joining a New Color | Your Knitting Life Magazine

Carry the second color up the side of the work for several rows by wrapping it around the first color. The carried yarn is visible along the edge, but youll have far fewer ends to weave in.

Good tips for teaching kids to knit, including two cute rhymes.

Knitting with Kids: Benefits, Basics, & Service Projects


How to knit is one of the more common requests for Instructables, and there are so far only a few addressing knitting. This is an attempt to show the basics, and is.

good tutorial! totally learned how to knit this last weekend :)

Want to learn to knit and crochet. Take the edge off winter by learing how to knit! Here is a fun knitting tutorial series that is sure to teach you a thing or two.