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Skyward sword like the Tim Burton style!!!!

a few sketches done between finals studying *a* this game legend of zelda - skyward sword doodles

I got: Link! Which Legend Of Zelda Character Are You?

Which Legend Of Zelda Character Are You?

Which Legend Of Zelda Character Are You? The Hero of Hyrule, Link represents you the most. if you are set on doing a task, you will do it. you try your best to help others, even if it gets you in a tight spot

Hugs solve everything. As long as you're hugging the right princess, not her alter ego from a different dimension.....lol

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds / Link, Princess Zelda, Ravio, and Princess Hilda / "Hugs?" - ♥ The Legend of Zelda

They are so cute- amazing style! (Legend of Zelda)

Link asks Zelda for a dance, Zelda accepts, Makar plays wingman. I love makar

while the family cowers in the corner. I don't know if I want to put this in things that make me laugh or games

I hate it when Link comes into my house and breaks all my pots. Legend of Zelda

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The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Comic: Ghirahim Steals Fi .but instead Fi does jack shit and waits until she can go back to telling you your hearts have depleted dramatically YOU DON'T SAY

Link and Groose. Hahaha Link's face!!!

Damn It, Link, Put Those Eyes Away