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Brighid - Celtic Goddess of hearth and home, fertility, smithcraft, and healing…                                                                                                                                                     Más

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fashion-in-film: “ Tristan & Isolde, 2006 Costume design: Maurizio Millenotti Roman & Celtic-influenced beige wedding gown with hand-stitched gold embroidery & beading, oversized floor-length crepe.


British actress Claire Forlani as Queen Igraine in Camelot, a historical-fantasy-drama television series which premiered on 1 April


Melanie Delon - ooooh, that headdress! and the fierce looking face paint! this is fantasy art with a bit of attitude, very inspiring.

Ariadna la diosa de la Luna es la dueña de todos los laberintos-nicole-cadet

"she was a healer and enchantress, eldest of nine sisters. In early chivalric romances by Chrétien de Troyes, she also figures as a healer. Her character may be partially derived from that of the Welsh goddess Modron and other myths.

Celtic Princess

Brigid: Irish Celtic deity of all things perceived to be of relatively high dimensions of higher knowledge (wisdom, crafts, excellence in warfare, etc.) Daughter of the Dagda. Consort of Bres.

La Maison de Couture de la Cour de Fées

Druantia is the Celtic Goddess of Fir Trees and Fertility. Also called the Queen of the Druids, she rules over sex and passion. She is credited with the creation of the Celtic tree calendar.

Rhiannon, the Celtic Goddess of the Moon and inspiration, of nobility and strength, of never giving up.

Rhiannon: A Welsh Celtic Goddess

Epona was the ancient Celtic Horse Goddess who protected horses and their owners. Epona was worshipped in a variety of different aspects. The Irish knew her as Macha, the Goddess of War.


the beautiful Celtic Goddess Brighid Not Norse, but both join later in Ireland