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4th dynasty Great Royal Wife MeresAnkh, inhaling the scent of a water lily blossom. The clinical effects of Nymphea caerulea, that contains the psychoactive alkaloid apomorphine was known to the Ancient Egyptians.

Ancient Egyptian Symbols/Motifs

Fact: making flower arrangements is old school stuff.

In the ancient Egypt, the use of flower arrangement design was more into temple offerings, table decorations in form of banquet, and also wreaths for guest at the periods of garlands.

Egyptian Faience Hippo Taweret or Taouris by worldspiritart, $16.00

Egyptian Faience Hippo (Taweret, Taouris Goddess, Great Mother) necklace with glass beads -turquoise - blue color - Dea Egiziana Ippopotamo

INTO B~ING ~ ~ ~ from the Mystery School of Egypt - Love Peace and Harmony - In one variation of the ancient Egyptian story of Horus and Seth, the lotus flower appears as a symbol of the divine, all-seeing eye. When Seth, the god of chaos, tracks down Horus, the god of light, in an oasis, he rips out his left eye and buries it in the sand, whereupon it is transformed into a lotus flower.

from Mystery School of Egypt { Into B-ing } ~~~~~~~~ h\High frequencies of light awaken through multi dimensional chakra systems;