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Create a Baby Place Space for 6-18 Months Inspired by Montessori and Reggio Ideas of Simplicity and Stimulating Surroundings!

The Imagination Tree: Baby Place Space for Months: Inspired by Montessori and Reggio- pretty cool bc we have Ashton a pretty similiar play space

I wonder how many of my families with children struggling with eating/feeding would go for this?  It's a GREAT way to give resistant eaters a bit more control and exposure.

An excellent food preparation area created on the bottom shelf of the pantry at home. Learning to prepare food, clean up messes, and be independent while feeding yourself are amazing steps in Montessori Practical Life.

The Kavanaugh Report: Montessori Baby -- Baby Toys 6 to 10 months

Montessori Baby -- Montessori friendly Baby Toys 6 to 10 months! I never would have made it through teething without the giraffe.

{20 Tips for How To Potty Train :: From The Mouths of Moms} im sure one day I'll be glad that I pinned this!

20 Tips for How To Potty Train [From The Mouths of Moms

Montessori Monday - Preparing Montessori Toddler Spaces at Home

Montessori Monday - Preparing Montessori Toddler Spaces at Home

I've been lucky to take care of my granddaughter a few afternoons a week since she was a baby. I've prepared a number of Montessori spaces for her in my home.

Is it time to Potty Train?  10  Helpful Tips!

Is it time to Potty Train? 10+ Helpful Tips

Toddler friendly bathroom - toilet training >> use toilet paper stand to hold towel at toddler height

potty learning still...when we concentrate all our focus in this area(this fall) this is exactly what our space will look like!

Potty station by *Neptune* Yep.this is definitely being done in our house, asap! I have been thinking of a way to set up a potty area downstairs to help with potty training my 2 and I love this.