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Japanese dates on days of the week, days of the month, months of the year are read differently. They are represented using different Japanese numbers over here.

Japanese language -te form | Google 画像検索結果: http://kwolsz.pl/1hpM1e4

Japanese language -te form | Google 画像検索結果: http://kwolsz.pl/1hpM1e4

Hiragana Chart. I already know hiragana, but this is pretty handy.

YES, that's the japanese characters order and it must be learnt that way! Here you are, the hiragana chart for those who are interested in learning japanese. Katakana version: Hiragana - Stroke Ord.

Basic kanji characters in Japanese language

I know Mandarin so I have no problem of knowing the meaning bcus (most) of the kanjis have same meanings in Mandarin. it's just agagagag the pronunciations

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Aeron Buchanan's Japanese Verb Chart: a concise summary of Japanese verb conjugation, handily formatted to fit onto one sheet of Also includes irregulars, adjectives and confusing verbs.