Waterspout In Tampa Bay taken by Photos de Jeremy Kappell WDRB .Waterspouts, for the unfamiliar, are basically water-tornados, often weaker than land tornados but still completely terrifying. As is the case with this waterspout, which hit Tampa Bay.

Burning daylight—thought these were tornadoes, I think those are the burning oil wells in Kuwait during the Gulf War. Iraq set fire to more than 600 of them as they retreated from Kuwait during the Gulf War in 1991

What are some of the best rare natural phenomena that occur on Earth? - Quora

Storm: Waterspout is an intense columnar vortex (usually appearing as a funnel-shaped cloud) that occurs over a body of water, connected to a cumuliform cloud.

Extraordinary Storms Captured in Black and White | Photos - ABC News

"Rope Out," Regan, North Dakota, 2011 from Storms, photographs by Mitch Dobrowner

Fire Tornadoes

A fire tornado whirled above a burning plastic-processing plant during a huge conflagration outside Budapest, Hungary. Also known as Firenado

10 Very Rare Cloud | 珍しい雲の写真を集めた『10 Very Rare Clouds』 | CREAMU

rare cloud formations - Roll clouds- low, horizontal tube-shaped arcus cloud associated with a thunderstorm gust front, or sometimes a cold front. Roll clouds can also be a sign of possible microburst activity

Remembering the downtown Miami tornado May 12th,1997. Read more here:

Miami Tornado coverage from 1997

tsunami in 2004 in Thiland and 12 other countries, over 227,00 people died and 50,000 never found

tsunami in 2004 in Thailand + 12 other countries, over people died + never found. How very small/powerless man is! This is bloody scary, is this a real unphotoshopped picture - how bloody high is that wave?


plasmatics-life: “Thunderstorm - Dubrovnik by Edin Dzeko

Supercell thunder storm - via Bruno Bolognese's photo on Google+

Heaven's Hammer: A monster tornado unleashes its wrath across Alvo, Nebraska…

Birmingham AL in April 2012.

Cloud appeared over Grant’s Mill in B’ham, Alabama, April 2012 - Most Amazing Photography

Loreburn, Saskatchewan, Canada

this tornado looks angry. Loreburn, Saskatchewan, Canada Tornado (Color) by Robert Edmonds, via

Crazy rope tornado by James Williams

Another pinner said: "Crazzyy rope tornado. So beautiful.

Electrical Storm, or, Mother Nature throwing a temper tantrum.

I love lightning but am pretty sure this would scare me to pieces. Pinner said - As I was out camping the other day an impressive electrical storm altered my stay.

Bermuda Triangle Whirlpool-The Element of Life

Bermuda Triangle Mystery Mystery clouds the waters of the western Atlantic Ocean off the Florida coast. Known as the Bermuda Triangle

The Great Sea Slug Beauty Contest | Healing Oceans Together. Photography by Patrick Krug used under Creative Commons license.

The Great Sea Slug Beauty Contest

Chloroplast And Sea Slug Symbiosis: half-animal, half-plant! Elysia Chlorotica - a bright green, solar-powered, algae-slurping sea slug that’s still turning our understanding of the classification of life upside down.