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Watercolor style blue moon on the collarbone. Tattoo artist: Banul Too black for this though :(


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Moon tattoo for women. Small tattoos are perfect for girls and women alike. Delicate and feminine, I promise these 28 blissfully small tattoos will not disappoint.

71 Beautifully Designed Tattoos For Women - TattooBlend

71 Beautifully Designed Tattoos For Women


A delicadeza e elegância das minimalistas tatuagens coreanas

Watercolor Crescent Moon Tattoo by Doy// Follow @terijhaii for more

48 Magnificent Moon Tattoo Designs & Ideas

If you want to make Tattoo small moon belly woman yourself and you are looking for the suitable design or just interested in tattoo, then this site is for you.

Sister sister

Unique matching Best Friend Tattoos Designs and Ideas with Images for on the foot, wrist or other body part. Small best friend tattoos for guys and girls.


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Color crescent moon tattoo on the ankle. Tattoo Artist: Doy

Color crescent moon tattoo on the ankle. Tattoo Artist: Doy

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I love this picture for one reason. It is not because the tattoo is perfectly symmetrical, it is nit because of the design if that tattoo, even though those make this picture better. My favourite part of this is the faint pink of her skin. It is such a cold picture, with cool tones and blacks, and her skin gray. But the pink tinge of her skin makes this artistic.

Eva Krbdk is a Turkish tattoo artist based in Istanbul; among many other amazing and creative tattoos, she decided doing miniature circle tattoos with love

Delicate floral collarbone tattoo by Hongdam

63 Super Cool Tattoos for Women