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A Dryad is a female tree nymph/spirit from Greek Mythology. They are symbolic of nature and nurturers of the forest.

Cariatides Estas Dríades son las que viven en los nogales, no se sabe mucho de ellas pero se dice que son amables pero que cuidan muy celosamente su vida y su árbol.


Howard Lyon - DRYADS live as long as their tree does, which can be a very long time. But when it dies, they perish too — so if you cut down a tree you may hear its spirit screaming.

Jason Chan - Ilustración Fantástica - Taringa!

Jason Chan - Ilustración Fantástica

Twilight Shepard by Jason Chan - Magic the Gathering

The Greatest Magic: The Gathering Art of All Time Twilight Shepherd - Jason Chan Nearly monochromatic, but check out Chan's use of texture.

'Spring Delight' - by Vladimir Kush | "Spring Flowers of fruit trees flaring up as birds is the metaphor of celebration, spring and youth. In Ancient Rome, the victorious conquerer, the winner, whether in war or Olympic Games, was showered in flowers."

Vladimir Kush - Spring Delight A new artist I recently discovered.its fantastical!


Tony DiTerlizzi — Deep-Forest Sprites Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You