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Aang and Katara... plus babies. XDDD

Kataang family bits by *Aleccha on deviantART - Click pin to read all the little bubble things. Can I just say I love katara wearing aangs airbender clothes while pregnant?

Comic Avatar la leyenda de Aang: La Búsqueda (Parte1)

Comic Avatar la leyenda de Aang: La Búsqueda (Parte1)

The Search Part One - Avatar The Last Airbender gives me new reasons to hate Ozai and Azula but love Zuko and Ursa

Avatar Aang the Last Airbender iPod Touch 6 | 6TH GEN Case

Avatar Aang the Last Airbender iPod Touch 6


element-of-change: “neoduskcomics: “ Steven Universe: Mindbending Waterbending This is a non-profit parody. Updates every weekend. Watch me on deviantArt already, please ” this is the fucking best ”

the epicness of this picture can not be refuted!

Zuko's Grandson: The swashbuckling General Iroh II .because Tony Stark and Uncle Iroh are just undeniably awesome.

-Aww! Lin! Did Tenzin push you down and say girls were icky? Such a boy! Don't worry Uncle Aang will straighten him out!

Aang's smile :) same as the boy in the iceberg<<<<< That comment just made me tear up. i miss the original avatar so much. Aang is comforting Lynn.

Lol little Sokka and Katara!

This perfectly shows Katara and Sokka's relationship/ sibling rivalry😹

Honora meets Avatar Aang

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Katara, Aang, Zuko, Mai, and their daughter.

Well that's a new perspective. Thank you Sokka for being there to make Katara blow her top off!<<< Look at Katara's face, its so funny