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I see the  moon. The  sees me. God bless the  moon and God bless me⭐

This is my moon/dia des los muertos tattoo. My feel on ‘The Man on the Moon’. I got it done at Old Avenue Tattoo in Tampa, FL and I couldn;t be any happier with it if I tried!

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Skull Butterfly and Rose Tattoo Design

8-Aztec tattoos with the moon

55 Aztec Tattoo

To know about Aztec culture and their deities, you will have to do some in-depth research so that you can include them as part of the Aztec tattoo designs.

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One popular tattoo design that you may find interest in is the koi tattoo. Although koi tattoos are not a main stream tattoo symbol, there is still a popularity for the tattoo. Koi fish tattoos are worn by both men and women. Just like all animal.