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Dylan O'Brien Yo aquí, con ganas de encerrarte en mi inestable universo. Y tú allá, afuera, formando galaxias con tan solo sonreír

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Dylan O'Briens aka Stiles from Teen Wolf and can't wait to see Mazerunner!

Dylan O'brien with puppies :') Want.  Need.

Giving Dylan O'Brien animals should be illegal. -- HE KISSES THE PUPPIES! I love that about a guy! Their first reaction is to either hold the animal or give them kisses. omg Dylan you're too much!

A divine move? You think you have any moves at all? You may have killed the oni, but not me. You can't kill me, I'M A THOUSAND YEARS OLD, YOU CAN'T KILL ME!

Teen Wolf Finale anyone?

Dylan O'Brian is ridiculously awesome! /Stiles Stilinski / Teen wolf / By far my fav moment in the whole season !

I took a quiz to see what awkward actor I would marry.I got Dylan O'Brian. He's more quiet and smart than awkward really! In the Google movie in particular, he seems very mysterious. He also appears quiet and shy around girls he likes. He has no clue how outrageously gorgeous he is. He's also very witty, and likes to be a loner, but you won't have to worry, he likes having you around. Even though he's awkward, he's insanely romantic. He'd slip you into a kiss that would make your head spin.

Which Awkward Actor Is Your Soul Mate?

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do you like potatoes?" *looks to friend to see if that was okay* *gives thumbs up but is rlly thinking* 'Dis bitch is gonna be forever alone'