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fairy-wren: Indian Peafowl by Milan Zygmunt /

Amazing feathers of the peacock - absolutely gorgeous. Peacock SpiritHood?!!

Top 24 Unique Colorful Creatures Around The World

Amazing feathers of the peacock. i think i love peacocks so much because they are all my favorite colors wrapped up into one thing!

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Leucistic peacock

White Peacocks are not albinos as some people think. They have blue eyes. Chicks are born yellow and become white as they mature.

Red Peacock- £H

Red Peacock - the photo has been altered, but wouldn't it be cool?

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Wild male Peacock at Yala West National Park, Sri Lanka.

Wild peacock in Yala West National Park, Sri Lanka.

What a gorgeous peacock!  :)

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A beautiful India-Blue Peacock [Pavo cristatus] perched on a tree branch

Exotic birds - Peacock                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I have these beautiful (but destructive) birds on my property every day.

Exotic birds - Peacock thinking of  India. - by Maureen Older

Exotic birds - Peacock thinking of India. - by Maureen Older

India-Blue Peacock: Pavo cristatus

Source :flying of birds

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Павлин Peafowl - Without photoshop