I became depressed after Gaara died, then he came back and all was well. But then other characters had to go and die and now Gai sensei is next *cries*

Otaku Issues - I cried when Nagisa and Ushio from Clannad/Clannad After Story died. Then I cried happy tears. Crying happy tears in the end.

#Otaku #Anime Otaku Issues #12  so true</3

~~ Unless of course u have another Otaku friend -- When I went to high school I got friends with who I can talk about anime.

I was doing that today in history because we were talking about how England kept going back and forth between religions and I kept thinking about that episode were England had drinks with America.

Otaku Issues- I was in class and my teacher said "then Germany invaded Itlay's bottom parts," and I started giggling and my face went all red

#124 is so true! A few of my new friends don't know I watch anime.

Read Otaku issues from the story Otaku Jokes by (MelENNY) with 116 reads. When you've watched so much anime that you can actua.

I've dreamt about Fairy Tail, Gintama, Attack on Titan, and Mermaid Melody.. My dreams mostly consist of me and everyone I know as anime characters

One time while I was asleep my husband tried 2 wake me up & still half asleep I started mumbling something about a yugioh card and that some guy cheated me during a duel monsters battle 😖

otaku issues...just one last  episode before I go to bed....ssooo meeee (same with me while I'm on pinterest)

Just onnnneeee more! The last episode ended on a cliffhanger! I won't be able to rest without seeing the next one!

Otaku Issues # 1

otaku issue I'm in love with anime characters and can't help there just so much smarter, cuter, hotter, and everything real boys don't have. I love how this is our number ONE issue!

Otaku Issues Otaku issue

Reach in and take em or just hug them

Reaction: Ahhhhhhh!!!!

Otaku problem -- or they only have like one 45 minute episode that somehow manages to bring you to tears in the end.