calantheandthenightingale:  Costume by Katie Garden, Wimbledon Costume Design student.

BA (Hons) Theatre & Screen: Costume Design - Katie Garden, Wimbledon College of Arts - University of the Arts London

Finest Fairy Tales – Pretty as Seven

Xenia Assenza as Siebenschön, in the TV show Piękna i książę [The beauty and the Prince]

Felicity: An American Girl Adventure - 2005 THEIR DRESSES! WHY COULDN'T I BE IN THIS MOVIE?

Young ladies in training, preparing to serve the noble families. One girl undergoes the most rigorous training for she is going to the princess. Who, the girl finds out, is anything but a lady.

Imagem de princess

Cèline would go to the forest just to be alone and write poetry. Many of her poems were read to his father under the name of Serafin.

BLACK ROSE MANOR- Jayne paced back and forth down the great hall after Sir Langley left. It was clear to her that Emily loved Thomas Langston. The signs had been there all along, but no one suspected a love affair !

military gold floral design on the sides of the closure FANTASY  MEDIEVAL WONDERFULL FASHION

This looks like Annelisa. The top of this reminds me of one of Celaena's jackets/tunics. Mary queen of Scots!