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Best of all science knows it is not “the” answer and all is open to continuing revision, contrary to Bible based evangelical tripe that is accepted as God’s word (and Jesus’). God is more likely to be found in what we see through science than rewritten, oft translated, and interpreted gospels and Christian apologists. No other religion even has apologists.

johnnymanc: Science is indeed a threat to religion, not because it’s a different kind of faith, but because it negates the need for faith. Watch the New Atheist Survival Guide

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Children, Indoctrination, Taught Religion. Your religion was not your choice... staying with it is.

your religion is SOLELY based on geography. It has EVERYTHING to do with where you were lucky(or unlucky) enough to be born.

."How absurd that a god would become human just to sacrifice himself to himself in order to create a loophole for a rule that he created." -Roger Boden

That is about the time our fundamentalist christian elders started telling me that questions come from the devil.

Have fun agruing over what you can and can't do with your dick. I'm going to space.


Funny pictures about Jesus' Priorities. Oh, and cool pics about Jesus' Priorities. Also, Jesus' Priorities photos.


Atheistic Tendencies

Watching christian apologists argue which theology is right is like watching Santa fans argue which of the flying reindeer is his favorite.

All religions sound like the plots of bad Sci-Fi films.

Why? Be vary wary of anyone and anything that claims to have the answers yet allow for no questions, for they always have either something to hide or things they cannot face.

Try living in Texas and telling the religious nuts you're an atheist.

Ignorance or Arrogance?

Creationists refuse to accept these are both apes (chimp & human), but have no problem accepting these are both canids (wolf & dog), why? IGNORANCE or ARROGANCE?

Famous Atheists | Famous Atheists and Freethinkers / Minchin

Tim Minchin quotes About science verses faith. Tim Minchin, An Australian Comedian, Actor, Musician, Philosopher.

calgary freethinkers billboard

Once you understand why you don't believe in Zeus, Thor, Loki, or any other ancient god, you'll have a better understanding of why atheists don't believe in YOUR god.

Atheism, Religion