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A mother's love: Four-year-old Asha and her young cub K'wasi give each other a cuddle in Zoo Miami before Asha suddenly died

Heartbreaking pictures of Asha the lion with her cub before she died

This is why Mufasa should have called Sarabi... {Just kidding- but this is beautiful}

Funny pictures about Mother Lion Saves Her Cub. Oh, and cool pics about Mother Lion Saves Her Cub. Also, Mother Lion Saves Her Cub photos.

This right here....

This right here....

Because while some people are assholes, most are not, and animals tend to have more love than most humans. So glad to see a happy ending for these animals. I'm confussed why a drug dealer had a tiger and a bear

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A lion cub from the famous Marsh Pride is distracted by a fly in Masai Mara, Kenya by Mario Moreno

Babies  their Mama's or Papa's

I love seeing female animals caring for their babies. Being a mother myself, my heart can't help but be touched. Mothers, whether human or animal have instincts and protect their young with everything they have. It's beautiful :)

Animal Love For Their Babies

Funny pictures about Family portraits in the animal kingdom. Oh, and cool pics about Family portraits in the animal kingdom. Also, Family portraits in the animal kingdom.

Just beautiful, Lioness and newborn cubs

"Lion mother Princess licks one of her white lion babies on July 2012 in Kempten, southern Germany. Lion mother Princess gave birth to six white lion cubs on July 2012 at the Circus Krone.

Law of the Wild !!!

"Law of the Wild, just kill only when hungry" We as humans (the higher species of animal - appenetly) should really learn from this as we kill for the pleasure of killing.