A couple making out at the Drive-In movie theater. Ohio, 1950s

A couple making out at the Drive-In movie theater. Ohio, Yes I remember those were the days. Hot and steamy nights at the local drive-inn.

20 photos historiques de lamour pendant la guerre  2Tout2Rien

Jean Moore Kneels And Kisses Her Fiancé, Wheelchair-Bound World War II Veteran Ralph Neppel, 1945

Momentos que han dejado marca: El 14 de agosto de 1945, las tropas aliadas vencen a Japón. Un marino toma por la cintura a una enfermera desconocida, besándola.

This is one of the most famous photographs from the Second World War. Apparently the nurse slapped the soldier immediately after. The event was the celebration of the end of the war and it was taken in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt. New York 1945


Servicemen And Downtown Workers Embrace And Kiss In The Street As Word Of Surrender Flashed Through The Nation, 1945

secret kiss

Young Russian American Eldred stands on Pacific Northwest riverbank kissing thirties sweetheart behind fedora held in right hand with left arm pulling her close.

Height of love...

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Me and Orion.. except I'm a sailor too :)

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Photo colorization by Sanna Dullaway / Original image by Alfred Eisenstaedt—Time Pictures/Getty Images ~   A jubilant American sailor clutching a pretty white-uniformed nurse in a joyful, back-bending, passionate kiss while thousands jam the Times Square area to celebrate the long awaited victory over Japan.

A Vibrant Past: Colorizing the Archives of History

Iconic Black and White Photographs, Colorized Alfred Eisenstadt: Sailor Kiss, VJ Day, 1945

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