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His face at the end, he knows he'll have to eat it and might as well have to appreciate it I feel bad for Misha, all of this for us.....

Funny pictures about Cooking With Your Children. Oh, and cool pics about Cooking With Your Children. Also, Cooking With Your Children photos.

I miss Kevin.<<I absolutely LOVE Dean and his pop culture references! it makes my day

Yeah, 'cause you're a crappy shot

Sam, Sammi, Sam Winchester

Sam, Sammy, Sam Winchester -- and all three versions can kill just about anything or anyone

I never noticed that before, but I want to die now.

I never noticed that before, but I want to die now.

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Sam's hair. #Supernatural #Frozen the song is on youtube.com you can find it by searching let it grow supernatural

I don't watch supernatural, but this song is really funny anyway! :) Frozen-supernatural mashup let it go / let it grow<< as someone who watches, i can confirm this is amazing.

I think we all know why dark!dean is making a comeback...

I was offended too cause I was wearing one of my plaid flannel shirts and my dad looked over at me and said "you're a villain"

Jibcon 2017. Honestly the best video on YouTube

THANK ALL THAT IS HOLY well in Jared's defense we all knew he would be back. It still hurts through. I am living again now please tell us who the new doctor will be and i can go on with my life

And when he called her Mary. my heart stoped and broke! I hurt so bad for him


Deans tired of your facts Sam>>> Dean's face in the last picture!