He's so cute ^_^ but I'm sorry he got burned :(

I hope and pray my angel is okay and happy and healthy and safe

Michael is me, Luke is me... muke is me

Michael is me, Luke is me. muke is me <<< I am Muke and Muke is me. Together we live as one in perfect harmony.

He is a kitten

Mikeys Reaction To When They Bring In Kittens / This has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen. And ASHTONs weird hand movements in the background after he says he's allergic to cats

Aww Miley :') I still love you! Cause you know, can't just not love Michael.

I saw the video to this and I had to pause it for about 15 minutes so I could calm down.

Omg. But how r u talking about the tank top and not how Michael is so much taller that luke in this pic?

New version of socks and sandals lol<<luke is SHORTER oh goodness the feels<< those days where Michael was the tallest and had to like lean over in pictures to try and look the same height and OMG the fetusness is real

I love niall horan

Some of Mikey's lyric changes for Good Girls - he said "Michael Jordan was amazing" at the one I was at!