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An image has appeared online that may or may not be a concept for the new Robocop suit to appear in the rebooted film.

The goth heroine

a tech savvy computer programmer and hacker. She is able to diagnose issues related to software within the systems that operate the ship. She is often found reading comic books or designing algorithms to do tasks for her.


Juego raro: te enfrentas al cerebro de hitler

If you're a artist or just love all kind of strange creatures, you've to check the art of Tsvetomir Georgiev, an artist working for Aaron Sims Compan

Ranger by DiceArtist on DeviantArt

Ranger by DiceArtist female soldier armor clothes clothing fashion player…


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

Aren't You Guys A Little Short To Be Stormtroopers?

Aren't You Guys A Little Short To Be Stormtroopers?


Artist Karla Ortiz, who has worked at NCSoft and Ubisoft, and also done stuff for Wizards of the Coast, is currently doing some stuff with Lucasfilm.

Norseman - color sketch by Borislav Mitkov on ArtStation.

Priest Just another warrior design for Sins of our fathers a future graphic novel Raymond Minnaar