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Ticci Toby:Hey kid. Child: Are you my mommy? Toby: *Running away* FUCK THIS SHIT, I'M OUT!

Ticci Toby: Hey kid what are you doing in the woods? Child: *snif Did you know where my mommy is?

Me:I am going to have to agere with masky on this one. I do not want to die when slenderman finds out so I am living now and I am playing fuck this shit I'm out  so bye. Masky: I am cameing with you because I do not to die from slenderman.

You guys,Toby made s'mores. You all know you want s'mores.<<<<<<<<<<<< WHAT IS A S'MORE?<<<<<<<<<heaven<<<Dude, I would start a forest fire for s'mores!

Homicide selfie by Inuyashatotalfire

This was just a thing to try a different point of view, like you know, that one head view that is impossible to draw ( YOU KNOW THE ONE ). Anywho, I mea.

Neiko masky and hoodie

Hoodie and Masky are so cute&nbsp; Hoodie and Masky son tan lindos

Creepypasta Doodles... Again Durrhurr by SabrinaNightmaren on DeviantArt

Damn, I need to find draw other creepypasta's Jeff the Killer/Slen. Again Durrhurr

Yaaaa always noticed so many hoods .... I mean ones named hoodie!!!

Yaaaa always noticed so many hoods . I mean ones named hoodie! And why does it show Masky have a hoodie? He don't got no hood

For the whole time I've been drawing it i thought about what I will write in descrption and when the time comes my mind is empty. &nbsp; YASSS ALL MY CUTIES AT ONE PLACE I AM SOOO DOONEE~! JUST LOO...

Behold these fearsome scary noodles. I found some great 'draw the squad' prompts. This needed to happen. This art is By scaredy cat draws

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